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A Vanitas (Latin for Vanity) is a genre of still life painting dating back to Antiquity.   It is a symbolic portrait, depicting the person by the presentation of various material objects.  A skull or candle is often included in the work to represent mortality as well as the transient nature of the material life. 

In the Vanitas shown here, you can see much of what is important to this person:

            Manuscript and pen as he is a writer

            Dante featured prominently in a book he was writing

Scales indicate he is a Libra, keen on Justice

            Poker is a game he enjoys

            The fleurs de lys represents some years spent in Paris

            Small bust of David represents years spent in Florence

            Snow globe of Manhattan reflects years living in his favorite city

            The barbell indicates he has always worked out

            The books shown were on his reading list at the time of the painting

            He is a fan of country western music

            The small portrait is of his wife who he loves

            Bulldogs have been in his life since he was three years old


A Vanitas offers an uncommon experience of portraiture. To have one painted of yourself or someone important in your life involves a unique process which includes choosing objects and symbols which have significance. The objects are then gathered by one or both of us, arranged artistically, and photographed for your approval.  We can collaborate on background color and other aesthetics. The number of items would determine the size and the price of the painting.  

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